Educational Philosophies

Dr. Evelyn Osborne is the founder of the Musical Village Method – a holistic, family and community minded music education approach which marries the best of classical music education with folk music and the human experience of cultural arts.

The Musical Village Method is a unique blend of approaches to create a well-rounded and flexible musician.
Osborne fuses Folk Music, Suzuki Method, Creative Ability Development (improvisation) and other approaches for a unique pedagogy.

Creative Ability Development (CAD)

CAD is a method for developing creativity and innovative thinking in children. It supports the creative side of the brain, allows them to experiment in a safe environment, and is based on the skill they already have. CAD believes that every child is creative and can learn to hone this skill through both freedom of choice and disciplined practice. Interestingly, it is akin to the Chinese creativity model (as purported by Tam, Phillipson and Phillipson see citation below) in which they state that as opposed to the Western notion of creativity as something wholly novel, the Chinese idea of creativity is “focused on the modification and adaptation of existing knowledge. The Chinese need to master or perfect skills before creativity can happen (32).” This CAD model blends both of the East and West ideas of creativity, both providing familiarity and stretching the student’s thoughts. Dr. Osborne is the first CAD teacher in Hong Kong, and indeed, in Asia.

Tam, Phillipson, Phillipson. 2014. “Creativity in Hong Kong: Current Contexts and Issues.” The Australasian Journal of Gifted Education. 23(1): 28-38.

Suzuki Method

Developed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki (1898-1998) in Japan, this internationally respected method has trained some of the top concert violinists in the world. A parent-child approach, the teacher and parent work closely together to support the child’s development. Parents are highly involved and attend each lesson while also learning to play and how to coach their child at home.

The Suzuki Method is an internationally recognized method and philosophy for teaching music starting when children are very young. It is based on the simple of idea that all children learn their mother-tongue because they are immersed in language from before birth. Applying this idea to music, Suzuki developed a philosophy and approach to teaching music by creating a musical community which included professional teachers, supportive parents, and groups of children so that students learn not only from their teacher, but also from their parents and peers. Suzuki Method is a nurturing philosophy – children are encouraged to learn at their own pace and there are no strict deadlines for accomplishing pieces or milestones. This approach has significantly influenced the western European classical music education world in the past 60 years. Dr. Osborne is highly trained in Suzuki Method in philosophy, violin, and early childhood music.

Suzuki Early Childhood Music

Suzuki Early Childhood was developed by Dr. Suzuki and Dorothy Jones. It features British based nursery rhymes and is excellent for English language development (ages 0-3). SECE students are exposed to ca. 4,000 words.

Music Together

Music Together is a parent-child class for mixed-age students (age 0-5). It features a variety of music from around the world and lots of room for creativity! see for more details on this international program.

Orff-Schulwerk Method

Developed by the composer Carl Orff in Germany this is a developmental approach to music education known for its use of percussion, particularly xylophones as well as recorders. However, it also incorporates movement, drama, and speech training. It teaches ensemble work and some improvisation techniques using the pentatonic scale.

Dr. Osborne is highly motivated, intelligent, enthusiastic, creative, dedicated, and has a huge commitment to Suzuki Method. Her extensive training and experience gives her a long-term view of the musical education of the infants in her classes. Like Suzuki Sensei, she is ever in search of the new idea which will make a good thing even better, while at the same time having the perspective that experience gives.

Christina Smith – Founder and Former Artistic Director of the Suzuki Talent Education Program, St. John’s, NL, Canada

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