Guest Artists & Practitioners

We welcome guest artists from all types of folk and sound arts. Below are some of our current and past workshop artists.

Sonia Sirgue
Sonia is an Essential Archetypes accredited mentor by Insight Teachings, a Tarot reader and teacher, and host relaxation meditations in Chinese and
English. She is also a mother, a wife and a daughter.
Sonia loves working with the Tarot energy as it is a very practical and non-judgmental tool that can always help people see clearly their own situations
and more importantly how they can move forward in joy and in ease.
Sonia’s services can help people deal with being overwhelmed, let go of self-criticism and build their confidence and self-acceptance. Through relaxation
meditations, people begin to connect to their inner balance and harmony.
With the Tarot, they get to understand themselves deeper. The mentoring leads them to journey of self-acceptance and fulfilling their own potential.
Sonia offers both private one-on-one or group reading sessions for the Tarot, Relaxation Meditations and one on one mentoring in both English and Cantonese.

Sonia’s classes will be held on Mondays (Cantonese) and Wednesdays (English). Please contact her to register IG @soniasirgue

Tzu-Hao Hsu

Dancer, Author

Tzu-Hao joined us in our Gung Haggis Fat Choy Zoom event in January 2022.

Born in Taiwan and raised in Newfoundland, Canada Tzu-Hao Hsu arrived in St. John’s with her family more than twenty five years ago. A self-proclaimed proud Taiwanese Townie, Tzu-Hao has continued to explore her cultural heritage and identity through writing and performance arts.

Currently a Business Manager, Tzu-Hao received both her Bachelor of Commerce and Masters of Business Administration Degrees from Memorial University. Prior to finding a home in the construction/equipment rental industry, she had an eclectic collection of professional experiences, ranging from an art gallery manager to a television program assistant. She is active in the local multicultural community as a presenter and performer, and serves on the boards of several not for profit organizations.

When not busy in the boardroom presenting financial statements or juggling volunteer commitments, Tzu-Hao enjoys cuddling with her twin daughters, two mischievous beagles and her indulging husband.

Mia Yu

Workshop Practitioner of Healing Sound Arts

Born and raised in Taiwan, Mia moved to Hong Kong in the summer of 2012 as an airline crew member. The airline that Mia worked for closed operations due to the Covid pandemic.
Being of service to others, she decided to dedicate her life to yoga.
Through Mia’s yoga journey, she found that sound, movement and breath are the most direct vehicles for connecting one’s self. She started incorporating both sound bath and yoga
together, sharing the power of the wholesome effect.
Through her sound bath session, she guides attendants with open mind and beginner’s mind to listen deeply without preconceptions and judgments.


Tata Tse

Workshop Practitioner of Healing Sound Arts, Gong Baths, and Singing Bowls

Tata Tse is a multi-talented artist from being an opera singer to Cordon Bleu pastry chef. In the UK she studied classical opera for four years and attended the London College of Fashion. In Australia she became a yoga teacher and completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts.

As a cancer survivor, she discovered the healing power of sound. She went to Nepal to learn singing bowls and has three levels of Gong Healing and Hypnotherapy.


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