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Learning through the ancient arts!

Relax with gongs and meditation, learn a new skill with art classes, seek insight from the Tarot, and learn the ancient methods of memory arts!

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Tarot for Beginners

In this class absolute beginners can learn to tell stories and understand the meaning of Tarot cards. Using the Rider Waite Smith Tarot, we will learn exercises and practice readings in a way that leads to a deep, intuitive connection to the Tarot cards.

Fairy Tale Art Jam for Adults

The ancient stories of humanity were told long before ever being written down – they were refined in performance and passed on by word of mouth. In their earliest forms they were often raw and unfiltered. Every week we choose an original and uncensored story from the rich heritage left to us by the Brothers Grimm and other sources and we practice telling it dramatically, and unpacking it’s possible meanings. Participants will create visual expressions of the stories and learn to tell them orally, from memory. Regular participants will build a repertoire of memorized, performance-ready stories.

Practical Memory Arts for Beginners

In the old days, it was important to have a good memory. Before books, printing, and computers, having knowledge was considered to be having a good memory. Memory masters used techniques, such as the memory palace technique, or peg system mnemonics to remember a wide range of topics. In this class we will learn and practice some memory arts to help us to help us retain information, songs, stories, and more.

Scottish Music Classes for any Melody Instrument

You can learn the high energy music of the Scottish highlands through the a singing technique called Cantarrach. You will learn some of the earliest pipe tunes Pibroch/Piobaireachd (the earliest form of highland bagpipe music) and can then play them on the instrument of your choice!

Monthly workshops!

Ages: 12+

Practitioner: Christopher Lee

Prerequisite: Can play several two octave scales on your melody instrument.

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Make Your Own Batik! Introduction to Traditional Indonesian Fabric Arts Level 1

Batik is an ancient Indonesian art form made with wax-resistant dyeing on fabric. It is a traditional method to place beautiful designs on fabric. Batik has been recognized by UNESCO in 2009 as Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity from Indonesia. Since then, National Batik Day is celebrated annually on October 2nd. Nowadays, Indonesians wear Batik in honor of this ancient tradition. Come and experience the uniqueness of making Batik, from drawing your own design, to put some hot wax with Canting as a tool. Which then will be coloured by the practitioner and sent to your home by mail.

Workshop: We will schedule when we have sufficient interest

Practitioner: Yunike Haskins

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Gong Baths for Relaxation

The sound waves of gongs reaches deep within creating deep relaxation. Their sound is traditionally considered to be healing and spiritually cleansing. In this workshop you will be bathed in the sound of a beautiful hand-crafted 32-inch gong and guided in affirmations to unblock energy pathways. As each time you encounter the sound of gongs your experience will be different this is a repeatable workshop.

Mid-Autumn Festival Gong Bath – Wednesday, September 22nd 7-8pm, $300

Practitioner: Tata Tse

Participants: 2-10, mats are provided, kindly bring your favourite eye mask and blanket.

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Healing Power of Sound Bath

The Sound Bath is a deeply-immersive, full-body listening experience that intentionally uses sound to invite gentle yet powerful therapeutic and restorative processes to NURTURE OUR MIND AND BODY.

When you sink into a Sound Bath and guide your awareness to your listening, you allow your brain waves to slow, shifting from a more active state to a more relaxed state, or even a dreamlike state. Through crystal bowls and other music instruments, the session brings students into deeper connection to themselves.

Crystal bowls have been used in healing modalities since the 1980’s.
We are primed to receive the sound that crystal bowls make in our bodies because 70% of our bodies is consist of water and our bones have a crystalline structure that creates an entertainment between sound and body. Usually people would feel thirsty after the session. So water need to be prepared before the session.

Wednesday, Nov 10 8-9pm, $250

Practitioner: Mia

Participants: 2-10, mats are provided, kindly bring your favourite eye mask and blanket.

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Mindful Meditation Classes

*Mindlessness Meditation is easy to learn.
*New practitioners will see results in the first session.
*Regular meditation practice brings many health benefits including reducing stress and anxiety.

Mindlessness Meditation strengthens both the mind body connection and creative faculty.

The core focus for mindlessness meditation established through this training is to open ones unconscious mind and allow the individual to transcend the stress and anxiety of daily life and work.

This meditation enhances the mind body connection and facilitates good health and the mind’s healing faculty. Mindlessness Meditation also strengthens the individuals connection to their own inner unconscious guide, the part of their unconscious that is regulating their daily levels of stress and emotional response. This meditation is designed to be easy to start and allow for ongoing consistent growth and improvement.

Practitioner: Stuart Palm

Third Sight Drawing

This drawing course focuses on both learning to draw from observation and from your inner unconscious mind. In this course you will learn how to develop your observational faculty; to draw from real life as well as develop your connection to your own inner creative voice.

Pracitioner: Stuart Palm

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