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Fairy Tale Art Jam for Families (Age 5+)

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.’

-Albert Einstein-

The ancient stories of humanity were told long before ever being written down – they were refined in performance and passed on by word of mouth. Every week we choose an age-appropriate story from the rich heritage left to us by the Brothers Grimm and other sources and we tell it dramatically. Participants will create visual expressions of the stories, play related theatre games, discuss the themes, patterns and ideas, and learn to tell them orally, from memory. Parents and kids will learn together how to remember, dramatize, and tell a repertoire of classic stories from our shared cultural heritage.

Age: 5 + (with parent) Participants: 4-12

Trickster Time (Age 7+)

Learn how to play magic and circus tricks. From juggling, to riddles, to sleight of hand, children will learn how to practice and perform tricks every class students get a chance to practice, perform, and learn new trick. Students will build a performance repertoire so they can show off their skills to friends and family.

Age: 7+ Participants: 4-15

Philosophy Explorers (Age 7+)

Even though philosophy is at the heart of how civilizations compose the ideas that influence the way we see the world, many modern students do not get a chance to connect it all together by asking the big questions. In this class we encourage kids to explore the world by asking philosophical questions. Who am I? What is art? What is real? We will explore mathematical puzzles and games, artistic expression, logic, creativity, astronomy, geography and more. Philosophy explorers learn how to connect all the different subjects that they encounter in school, and in life.

Age: 7+ Participants: 3-10

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